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Moveable Barriers Offer Huge Savings & Benefits

Barriers manufactured by Centurion Barriers have been designed with safety and durability as our highest concern, but one of the top advantages we have over our competition is that our barriers save money–on manpower resources, on the time it requires for installation, and they save virtually tonnes in transportation costs.

Steel and concrete barriers require very large heavy duty trucks and cranes to move them to the installations site. This is an expensive undertaking and makes for a slow and clumsy process. Only two people are needed to move a barrier by Centurion! Compared to steel and concrete, our thick plastic barriers are stronger, lighter than our competition, and because of their light weight before filling, they’re much faster to install. Superior strength and quality are not compromised with our plastic barriers.

Portability and Manageability Will Save Time & Money

When you deal directly with Centurion Barriers, not only will you save money, but you can be assured that our barriers will withstand a long life in all weather conditions. Water-filled plastic barriers make sense because they stand up to the competition and surpass them in portability. Centurion Barriers are dependable and are exclusive in design. Choose from our different models to suit your needs.

There is a large demand for lightweight barriers that are easier to transport than heavy steel and concrete. Cost savings provide added value as plastic barriers are a good economical solution to any safety application that must have quick and reliable protection. Centurion Barriers offer a maintenance free product and a form of safety protection that is easily managed.

Enjoy Both Cost Savings & Product Reliability

Don’t go through the expense of using extra heavy materials when a simple alternative is available. Our attractive designs will prevent soil erosion, protect people or car parks, or delineate construction zones in slow moving areas. Just because they’re light, doesn’t mean our product suffers in reliability. Rotomolded plastic has UV inhibitors manufactured directly into the barrier and will won’t crack or become brittle. We created a product specifically to accommodate the needs of unique weather conditions in Australia.

Sporting events, shopping centres, and go cart tracks all need the use of barriers, and will all benefit from the use of plastic barriers and save money for their venues. Separate lanes of slow traffic can be quickly and efficiently rerouted while preventing any crossovers and head-on collisions because portable plastic barriers can be installed faster than their steel and concrete counterparts.

Space Saving Equals Cost Savings

More of our lightweight barriers can be transported on one truck than a barrier constructed of steel or concrete, another way you’ll save on transportation costs. A reduction in storage space will add even more value to your plastic Barriers.

Protection and safety must be quickly addressed in unforeseen road hazards. Don’t wait on cumbersome heavy duty cranes. Crew men can attend to paved roads and crowds can more easily be controlled when you choose a lightweight but heavy duty Centurion Barrier.