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Water Filled Barriers: When and Why to Choose Them

Where portability is important, water filled barriers are here to stay. With their versatility and economy they revolutionise construction zone delineation, temporary rerouting of traffic as well as redirecting and warding off pedestrians. This article will examine the advantages of water-filled barriers over their concrete predecessors.

Water Filled Barriers

Great Portability Equals Time and Cost Efficiency

Weighing only a fraction of their weight when empty means that water filled barriers can be set up at a fraction of the effort, time and cost a concrete barrier would require, reducing transportation costs to a minimum. This makes them ideal as temporary barriers for sporting events, shows, car parks, ports, airports, construction zones and any type of emergency where fast deployment is of the essence.

Note that when empty, these plastic barriers weigh no more than 28kg each, which enables them to be deployed by a single person. This gives you the freedom to easily reposition your barriers ad hoc and allows you to save a fortune on hiring forklifts. Once set up, the barriers are then filled with water that can be easily drained through a drain plug located at the bottom.

Versatility and Practicality

Available in bright colours, polyethylene barriers are clearly discernible even from a distance. Because they are made to stand out, they serve as a warning sign clearly outlining boundaries and safely channelling traffic and pedestrians. What makes them even more versatile is that they can accommodate a range of add-ons to suit various occasions, such as banners, company logos, safety and flashing lights, warning sings, signage and hoarding panels that obstruct visibility altogether.

Another extremely versatile feature that gives water-filled barriers a competitive edge over concrete barriers is that they can be equipped with male/female ends that allow them to interlock with one another, creating a seamless line of barricades. This serves as a pivot point that not only provides variety in the angles they can be deployed but it also reinforces each individual barrier and the entire structure as a whole, allowing the units to swing if impacted instead of toppling.


To sum up, water filled barriers can find application anywhere where crash protection against high speed errant vehicles is not a priority. Even so, one should bear in mind that not all water filled barriers are constructed to be the same. There are different types of barriers suitable for different purposes and of course one should not ignore construction quality that will ensure your barrier of choice will withstand wear and tear like a champion even when exposed in the harshest conditions.

Confident about our products’ superior quality, we at Centurion Barrier Systems Australia extend a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our competitively priced products. So, if you have opted for a water filled barrier browse through our online catalogue and feel free to contact us for expert advice tailored to your needs and budget.