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Centurion Delineator Barrier

Ideal for car parking areas, foot paths, pedestrian, delineation. Indeed anywhere where you need a smaller barrier



The Centurion Delineator is a water filled traffic barrier, weighing 130 kg when filled. It measures 1670mm x 450mm x 640mm high, and it’s a very cost-effective solution for when you need to direct vehicles and/or people. It’s perfect for car parking areas, pedestrian foot paths and sidewalks, delineation (as you might suspect from the name), and generally speaking, anywhere that a smaller barrier is required.

The Delineator is intended for use where speed limits are unlikely to exceed 20KPH, so it’s also useful on construction sites, to ensure that people don’t stray into prohibited areas, and also to protect people at large events.

When filled, these units are very strong, but when they are not filled, they weigh only 15 kg, so they can be easily moved by one person. They are easily filled from the port on the top of the unit, and equally easy to drain by means of the screwable drain plug at the bottom.

Easily Assembled

The Delineator units are easily joined using its special link and joint design. The units will swing if heavily impacted, so that the entire row won’t topple. You can link the units together using any angle between 120 and 180 degrees, which means that it can be used to surround any site completely.

The Delineator Barriers come in safety red, white, or yellow with other colours available on special order.




We manufacture the Delineator Barrier to the highest standards, to ensure robustness and durability no matter where in Australia they are used. These barriers are treated with UV inhibitors and anti-brittleness agents, and they will not fade, discolour, crack or split, even under the harshest weather conditions.

As is the case with all our products, the Delineator Barrier comes with a 5-year guarantee against defects in manufacturing.

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