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Econo Barrier

The Centurion Econo Barrier is, as you could likely tell from the name, a very cost-effective barrier solution. The Econo Barrier measures 1200mm x 500 mm x 800 mm high, and they are small and easy to deploy. They make an ideal visual barrier, and when filled with water they weigh 150kg, so they serve as something of a physical barrier as well.


As an option to increase the effectiveness of the Econo Barriers, they can be equipped with a specially made “hoarding panel” that increases the overall height to 1,935mm. The barriers and the hoarding panels both join together easily using single male and female connection points.




We manufacture the Centurion Econo Barrier to the highest standards, to ensure robustness and durability no matter where they are used. These barriers are manufactured with UV inhibitors and anti-brittleness agents, and they will not fade, discolour, crack, or split even under the harshest weather conditions.

As is the case with all of our products, the Econo Barriers comes with a 5-year guarantee against defects in manufacturing.

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