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Car Parking Barriers for Securing Your Car and Property

Date Posted: June 23, 2014

The demand of mechanical car park barriers has already risen with lots of people who utilized their own cars or transport on regular basis. With a trend of current progression in several countries doesn’t permit lots of people to hire on some particular jobs and same situation is happening with parking attendance as well. That […]

The Benefits of Rotational Moulding in Polyethylene Barriers (Part 1 of 2)

Date Posted: June 16, 2014

Part 1 of 2 Rotational moulding is a production process that involves a heated hollow mould which is filled with a certain quantity of plastic, then slowly rotated in order for the melted material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. The rotation continues in the cooling stage, after which the mould […]

Water Filled Barriers: When and Why to Choose Them

Date Posted: June 2, 2014

Where portability is important, water filled barriers are here to stay. With their versatility and economy they revolutionise construction zone delineation, temporary rerouting of traffic as well as redirecting and warding off pedestrians. This article will examine the advantages of water-filled barriers over their concrete predecessors. Great Portability Equals Time and Cost Efficiency Weighing only […]

What is Rotomoulding?

Date Posted: August 15, 2013

Rotational plastic molding is an extremely versatile and economic process that relies on gravity and heat to produce parts with exceptional strength. The finished result is a stress-free, lightweight and seamless design that is very durable. A variety of plastic resins are available to use, depending upon the product specifications, strength requirements and resistance to […]

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