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Benefits of Rotational Moulding on Polyethylene Barriers

In part 1 of this article we looked into the detrimental effects the elements can have on plastic, in particular in the context of hot and humid climates such as those of Australia , The Middle East  and the South Pacific. Now, we will examine the effects the weather has on water filled plastic barriers and the groundbreaking methods modern manufacturing processes provide to counteract them.

Barriers Exposed

When it comes to polyethylene barriers, exposure to the weather is bound to reduce their longevity and effectiveness. One of the effects it has is discoloring, which will defy the purpose of a barrier that is intentionally designed to be bright colored and serve as a visible barricade rerouting traffic and channelling or warding off pedestrians.

Moreover, plastic that becomes embrittled will quickly lose its mechanical properties, become prone to cracking and therefore fail to fulfil its function. When this happens, your water filled barriers are as good as useless and you will realise that you have been throwing your money down the drain.

Rotomoulding: A Groundbreaking Method

To counteract that, rotomoulded plastic provides such resilience against breakdown that is hard to match by injection molding or other conventional ways of fabricating plastic. Rotomoulding ensures a one-piece seamless construction that provides a product that is much more durable to the corrosive effects of outdoor environments and has excellent load-bearing properties.

Since rotomoulding involves the constant rotation of resin that coats all surfaces evenly, this results in a final product of uniform wall thickness that, as such, exhibits greater endurance to stress. What is more, during this process special stabilisers are added in the plastic known as UV inhibitors. As their name suggests, these make plastic more stable under heat and light or both combined, since they absorb and diffuse radiation in a way that does not harm the plastic.

Other Benefits of Rotomoulding

Apart from the corrosion resistance properties, rotomoulded plastics are known to have a plethora of other desirable attributes that gives them a competitive edge over other plastics. To mention just a few: they are lightweight, chemical resistant, economically and environmentally sustainable because there is no material wasted in their making. Plus, their production process is much more cost effective, which in turn dictates the price of the end product.

Being constantly on R&D mode, we, at Centurion Barrier Systems and Centurion Barriers Asia and Pacific know what makes barriers durable to the elements of these particular climates and employ the latest technological processes in producing them. All our barriers are manufactured by rotational moulding to the highest quality standards to ensure their longevity and the most competitive prices for the end user.