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Centurion Barrier: The Water Filled & Road Barrier Experts

Centurion Barrier has established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty barrier systems in Australia. With plans to expand into the Asian and Pacific markets, the success and expertise of Centurion Barrier is leading them to new and exciting places. Serving clients such as Royal Australian Navy, Queensland Rail Network, and Ford Civil Contracting, Centurion Barrier has built a reputation as a respected supplier of plastic water filled barriers for construction, delineation, and other uses.

Why Centurion?

Centurion’s barrier systems are specially designed to cope with Australia’s extreme and varied weather. From harsh sun to snow and ice, the barrier systems from Centurion are guaranteed to last through them all.

Since they deal exclusively in water filled plastic barriers, Centurion is an expert in what they do. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they will hold up well beyond the five year guarantee period offered on all of their products.

What Makes Centurion’s Barriers Different?

Centurion barriers are UV protected to avoid cracking and breaking due to sun exposure. While many people think of winter snow and ice as the harshest weather conditions, summer heat and UV rays can be just as damaging to plastic products that are constantly exposed to the elements. The UV protection that is part of Centurion’s plastic composition helps their barriers last for years out in the sunniest weather.

Not only are Centurion’s barriers designed to stand up to outdoor conditions, they are light and maneuverable when empty. This makes is easy to set up or move the barriers. Once they are filled with water, they are a solid, heavy delineation that can control any type of traffic.

Why Use Centurion Barrier?

Centurion Barrier has various products that are appropriate for many uses. Large, heavy barriers are ideal for delineating areas where vehicles need to be stopped from entering specific areas. These most robust barriers are often used in construction zones to direct traffic and avoid dangerous line crossing. Lighter barriers are appropriate for car parks or designating paths and areas for pedestrian traffic. Centurion even has barriers that are FAA approved for airport runway and traffic use.

Some places Centurion barriers are used include construction sites, go kart tracks, outdoor events, warehouses, driver training courses, and sporting events.

Centurion ships from the closest port for each customer’s convenience and shipping savings, and all products are guaranteed to last at least five years.